Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feeling after have done all the quizzes and tests....

Every semester, students compulsory face challenge regarding the subject that they have face. BEL 311 ( English For Academic Purposes ), MGT 269 ( Business Communication ), ECO 211 (Macroeconomics ), CTU 241 ( Asas Ekonomi Islam ), BMD 101 ( Mandarin ), QMT 216 ( Introduction to Statistics ) and HSL 111 ( Badminton ) are the subjects that I have take for the third semester. Now, the semester will be end. So that, there are many works that I have done like doing quizzes, tests and submit my assignment.

BEL 311 is one of the subjects that I take for this semester. Mr Izuan Ismail is teaching me for this subject. He always gives us many exercises like writing exercises, speaking practices, posted entry in our blog and others. Actually for the first time I feel that I have bored because I didn’t like his style of teaching. But after that, I feel comfortable and enjoyed doing all the exercises. After four month studying BEL 311, I have learned a lot of grammar and I can improve my speaking. For this subject, we do not have a test paper, we only have speaking exam and writing and reading exams for final exam. Every Thursday, my group and I do speaking practice in meeting room at 8.00 a.m. In BEL 311, we have final paper which is give us 40% of marks including reading and term paper. I feel there is very difficult to do this term paper because it is fully of requirements. For the first time, Sir Izuan was looked very arrogant because he was difficult to smile. But now, he can smile with us even though just a minute.

Besides that, the subject that I have taken in this part is MGT 269. Sir Ahmad Kamil was taught me for this subject. 40% of our marks is comes from our final exam and the others 60% is comer from our assessments. The assessments are including oral presentation, mock meeting, interview, group report writing and individual report writing. Before I have done for mock meeting, I feel not confident because I feel that I can’t do this work very well. But after do a lot of practices with my lecturer and my friends, I feel confident to do this meeting. For doing interview, I feel confident because before this I have attend to be interviewed. Now I feel satisfied because I have done all my assignment that he gives to me. In my opinion, the best lecturer that has been teaching me is him because he has all the characteristics of good lecturer. I am very proud about him.

ECO 211 is also one of the subjects that I have taken for this semester. Madam Zuraidah Ismail is teaching me this subject. For this subject there is no assignment that our lecturer wants us to do. But there are a lot of quizzes that we have done. Usually, after she finish teaches us about any chapter, she will give us quiz. For this subject, we were required to answer two tests. I am interested to study this subject because I like to study in calculation. Now, I have finish to answer all of her quizzes and tests. So that, I feel very happy because I feel I can score for this subject in final exam. For the first time, madam Zuraidah is too strict. I didn’t like her style of teaching me. Usually I have to study alone before I attend her class because she is teaching me too fast. But, after a lot of her students were changed their class, she start to teach us slowly and try to make us understand.

I also take CTU 241 ( Asas Ekonomi Islam) in this semester. Ustaz KamarulZaman is teaching us for this subject. For this paper, we have answering a test, a quiz and do a presentation. Only for this subject we are lately in get information about our test, quiz and assignment. It is because our lecturer is a very busy person. Sometimes I worried because we are not already done to do that work because now holiday of study week is coming but we still didn’t do all that work. Now, I feel comfortable because our lecturer already set time to do all that works. Alhamdulillah….

In addition, I also have to take BMD 101. At the early of semester, I have to decide whether wants to take Arabic or Mandarin. Lastly, I decide wants to take Mandarin because I am interested to learn Mandarin. I also like its melodies. Its melodies are very unique. But, I have patient because not easy to learn a new language. Mr Lim Yoon Chong is teaching me for this subject. For this subject, we didn’t have final paper examination. But we have quizzes, writing test, listening test, and final project. We already have done to do the quizzes and the first listening test. For writing test and the second listening test, we will answer them at 1st April 2009. For the final project, we are required to act in a group and key in into CD and submit it before study week.

Then, I have take QMT 216 in this semester. Miss Nor Zarina Johari teaching me for this subject. She is a kind person. She also friendly and sometimes she is too strict during teach me in class. Same with madam Zuraidah, she has gives us quiz after we already have done a chapter. We also already face two tests. For the major assignment, we are required to do analysis about a data and related it with my study. Now, I and my group already have done to do this assignment. I think for this subject, I can score in the final exam.

For cocuriculum, I have decided to take HSL 111 which is badminton than other sport. My first impression for this subject is I think that the subject easy to score. It requires me to attend class, learn about badminton and play badminton. I have to do healthier test by running around UiTM to determine whether I am healthier or not. I am very proud because I am a person that have been arrived to the checkpoint earlier than other my friends. We also required answering a test, but for this subject, we didn’t have final examination. I hope I can get the best result because this is an easy subject. Lastly I hope I will get the best result for this semester. InsyaAllah.....

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